Single Woman Traveller

Single woman traveler needs special attention anywhere in the world and India is no different. There is a big difference in the culture of India and that of the countries outside Asia. Thus we provide special attention to plan and organize tours for single females and only female travelers in India. We are quite sensitive towards this issue and always provide special emphasis in ensuring a hassle free and safe travel for women. Our tours normally include a dedicated car with same driver unless it is not practically possible, specially chosen accommodation with preference to homestay and boutique hotels, one point 24 hours back up support, phone on arrival with the facility to call locally free of cost, combining single female travelers to share the costs when it is desired and possible and providing personal assistance from the company wherever deemed necessary. We do not advise becoming familiar with strangers and any suspected activities must be reported to your single point contact immediately. Our driver keeps a list of emergency telephone numbers for every destination and a copy is provided to our guests as well.

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