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If you are looking for an inclusive experience with the people of India, want to widen your perspective about life and wish to contribute in sustainable and eco-friendly tourism practices, travel with us! We bring together a rich experience of travelling throughout India, with open mind and spread out arms embracing everything coming along the way. Experience of staying at the most luxurious properties and also spending nights on roadside dhabas (eateries) with only a charpoy to sleep, sharing space with truck drivers and passengers on transit; we are continuing living our life to the true spirit of a traveller! We have met and spent time with migratory tribes and have stayed nights with erstwhile Maharajas sharing drinks and discussing things ranging from peat to politicians (doesn’t it make a full circle ;))! Variety in India; of people, places, lifestyles, languages, food, dresses, customs, traditions, history, geography and the most interesting of all, stories from people is moving and enriching! Stories passed through generations, perspectives and points of view developed with time and experiences; Handcrafted Tours aims to introduce its guests with this True Life Experience Travel!

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